Ramin Abrahim is a Washington, DC, based practicing physician and artist. Abrahim began painting in 1988, while in medical school, as a form of meditation.  Over the years, he has developed this artistic retreat into an artistic passion. Working mainly in acrylic and mixed media on canvas, his style is vibrant and bold, textural and stimulating. Abrahim's paintings gather elements of Surrealism and Lyrical Abstraction, among others, to achieve a reflective, unformulated beauty. His paintings certainly call to mind the dynamic, gestural improvisations of early Abstract Expressionists--seeming to tap into some universal, inner source with sumptuous color dancing its way across the canvas. Although varied in palette, Abrahim's work is charged with content taken from the natural world. In it we find a glimpse of a fiery sunrise, the harsh coldness of winter, or the stillness of an approaching dawn.